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Click here to endorse Kyle Bailey for State House today!

Community Leaders

"Kyle is an accomplished entrepreneur and leader. He'll be a strong voice for Gorham and Scarborough in the State House." – Jim Boyle (Gorham) former State Senator for Gorham, Scarborough and Buxton

"Kyle will be ready on day one to take on the big challenges the state is facing." – Aaron Carlson (Gorham), corporate executive 

"I am supporting Kyle Bailey because he doesn’t back down from challenges. Instead, he has demonstrated an ability to take on difficult issues and build coalitions to get things done." – Jean-Marie Caterina (Scarborough), civic leader

“Kyle is honest. He listens. He has experience that will make him effective on day one.” – Ginny Cross (Gorham), civic leader

"At a time when we’re so deeply divided, we need leaders like Kyle who care passionately about improving lives and solving problems, not pointing fingers and scoring points.” – Charlie Hamblen (Gorham), businessman and Republican

“Kyle takes to heart your concerns. He will be great for our community in the State House.” – Bob Lefebvre (Gorham), retired Gorham fire chief

"Kyle has been an effective advocate on issues ranging from LGBT equality to election reform. Scarborough and Gorham would be well-represented by Kyle in the House." – Sen. Linda Sanborn (Gorham), State Senator for Gorham, Scarborough and Buxton

"I trust Kyle to do the right thing for Gorham families and businesses. We'd make a great team. I'm excited about the opportunity to serve with him in Augusta." – Rep. Mo Terry (Gorham), State Representative for Gorham, House District 26

"I believe in Kyle, in his ability to get things done. I know that every chance he gets to cast a vote on our behalf he'll be doing it from the right place, for the right reasons." – David Willis (Gorham), business owner and community leader

"Kyle served on our school committee for three years where he helped to expand kindergarten to an all-day program and brought back student representation on the school committee." – Elijah Wyatt (Gorham), Gorham High School, Class of 2022




Click here to endorse Kyle Bailey for State House today!

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