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Letter: Kyle is a strategic thinker, effective doer

Gorham Times: Jim Boyle

Last year, I sat down with Kyle Bailey for a beer at Sebago Brewing and was excited to learn that he had decided to run to represent Gorham and Scarborough in the Maine House. I have known Kyle for nearly a decade and here’s what I have learned about him: He doesn’t avoid tough issues, he takes them on. He knows that’s where the problems exist and where there are opportunities for solutions to improve the lives of others. I have watched him stand up to special interests and win, helping to help end discrimination in state law and put more power in the hands of voters.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Kyle has found ways to connect with hundreds of Gorham voters and lis- ten to their concerns and ideas. Kyle is an entrepreneur and innovator, so it’s not surprising to me that he has done so.

Our citizen legislature can often be a hectic and challenging place to get things done. Kyle is a strategic thinker and an effective doer. He has relationships with existing lawmakers in both parties and knows how the legislative process works.

As our State Representative, Kyle will be a strong voice for the people of Gorham in the State House. He will work across the aisle and think outside of the box to develop common sense proposals that will make healthcare more affordable and accessible, grow our economy and create jobs, expand educational opportunities, and strengthen our democracy.

Jim Boyle, Gorham

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