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Letter: Decisions that will impact my generation

Gorham Times: Elijah Wyatt

My name is Elijah Wyatt and I am a Gorham High School student. Although I can’t vote in this upcoming election, who we elect to office now and the decisions that they make will impact my generation. On November 3rd, voters in House District 27 will elect a new State Representative. I’m supporting Kyle Bailey because he is a thoughtful and effective leader who will be a strong voice for our community in Augusta. Kyle will bring experience and bipartisanship to Maine’s State House, and with it positive change for our community and for Maine.

Kyle has a proven track record of serving and helping our community, and working with people from across the aisle to get things done. Kyle served on our school committee for three years where he helped to expand kindergarten to an all-day program and brought back student representation on the school committee. He worked to end discrimination against LGBT Mainers in the military and in marriage laws. He has also helped the state of Maine say no to the influence of special interests and the ability of the powerful and well-connected to bend public policy to their will. In 2016 and 2018 he led the grassroots campaigns that won and defended Maine’s landmark ranked-choice voting law that will allow me to vote my hopes and not my fears in future elections. Kyle has devoted his life to the service of others, proven that he can bring positive change to people’s lives, and I know that he will serve us well in the State House.

On November 3rd, please vote for Kyle Bailey for State Representative so that he can work hard for our community during these challenging times. You can learn more about Kyle by visiting or Facebook. com/BaileyForMaine.

Elijah Wyatt, Class of 2022

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